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The ROI of EQ: Fight, flight, freeze and alarmed aloneness: How to understand psychological states to better manage your employees

In today’s conversation on the ROI of EQ, Sarah and I discuss a newfound psychological state: Alarmed aloneness. Together, we unpack the neurochemical responses associated with fight, flight, and freeze and explore the uncharted waters of alarmed aloneness. Sarah describes the effects of Western culture on normalized emotions and how alarmed aloneness has never been […]

Introducing the ROI of Emotional Intelligence Series: Discussions with Sarah Peyton, author of Your Resonant Self

Welcome to episode one of twelve of my discussions with Sarah Peyton, international speaker and facilitator and author of Your Resonant Self. In this series, we explore the ROI of Emotional Intelligence: How humans can bridge their left- and right-brain tendencies to yield a more coherent world and connected workplace. In episode one, we investigate […]